Roasted to Perfection

Local, hand-crafted roasts providing you the freshest and finest coffees from around the world. At Water’s Edge Coffee we can even tailor roast profiles to your preferences. After discussing your coffee preferences, we can select a country of origin and a roast level that will create YOUR special coffee. We have even worked with folks and created blends to bring all their desired flavors into one cup!

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We strive to roast small batches by hand so as to maintain the maximum freshness.

We offer a variety of blends from light roast to dark roast, whole beans and ground.

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Great coffee beans! So fresh and yummy. Guatemalan and Honduran honey are my favorites but they’re all so delicious!

Jessica Willows

They get their beans from some of the top coffee growing countries in the world! If you drink coffee, try them out.

Rob Cole

I had my first cup of coffee from Water’s Edge this morning, and oh, my! Very smooth and not bitter at all! I love the fresh taste from Guatemala!

Carol Butler Senn